Our Specialty is Your Solution

The Charles W. Snader, P.C. Practice is designed to complement a full service CPA firm. We perform EBP audits so that you don’t have to. CPA firms can rest assured that the services they provide for clients will not be compromised by CWSCPA. By providing exceptional EBP audit service to your clients we can enhance your reputation for providing critical cost effective solutions to your clients. Let us make your firm look good!

What allows Charles W. Snader, P.C. to perform EBP audits with precision and acuity?
Our team!

Experienced & Specialized

The team at CWSCPA is highly specialized in Employee Benefit Plan auditing. EBP auditing is our core competency not an auxiliary service. Each CPA is experienced and well trained to perform a wide range of EBP audits. We sharpen our skills annually by receiving specific training on Employee Benefit Plans and related AICPA and DOL standards and regulations. We are knowledgeable in accounting and auditing standards and understand how to perform an audit that is thorough and useful to our clients. Our specialization in EBP auditing separates us from the rest.

We understand the importance of establishing strong relationships with our clients. Our CPAs perform audits in a way that allows every client to perform the daily tasks that are crucial to their businesses’ success. We respond quickly to assist clients with the difficult task of coordinating activities among third-party service providers. We endeavor to provide clients with practical solutions for their specific needs.